6 Essential Tips if Your Car Is Stuck in Water

Encountering a waterlogged road can be a nerve-wracking experience for any driver. It is crucial to know the right steps to take when your car is stuck in water to avoid further damage and costly repairs. In this blog, we will share six valuable tips to keep you prepared and safe in such situations.

Avoid Crossing Heavy Waterlogged Areas:

In luxury vehicles, the turbo is usually placed in the front down area. When crossing through waterlogged areas, water can be sucked into the turbo and reach the engine, potentially causing engine failure. It is best to avoid these areas altogether during heavy rainfall.

Don’t Attempt to Start the Engine:

If your car stalls due to water suction, resist the urge to restart it immediately. Trying to start the engine can cause further damage to internal components, leading to expensive repairs. Instead, stay calm and wait for professional assistance.

Call for Expert Help:

Always contact the helpline for a service center when your car is stuck in water. Their expert technicians possess the knowledge and tools to handle such situations, minimizing the risk of substantial expenses on repairs.

Use Flatbed Towing Crane:

In case your vehicle cannot be driven, call for a flatbed towing crane to transport it safely to the nearest service center. Towing it in this manner prevents additional damage to the car’s mechanical and electrical systems.

Allow Water to Evaporate:

After encountering water, give your car ample time to dry completely. Many systems, including electrical and body control modules, are interconnected, and allowing water to evaporate can prevent potential damage and electrical issues later on.

Inform Your Insurance Company:

If your engine stops working due to water damage, promptly inform your insurance company. Check if the damage is covered under your insurance policy. Be sure to take pictures of your car stuck in water and note the location to streamline the insurance claims process.

Being stuck in water with your car can be a daunting situation, but following these six essential tips can significantly reduce the risk of extensive damage and expensive repairs. Prioritizing safety and seeking professional assistance will ensure a smoother experience in handling such scenarios. Stay vigilant, be prepared, and stay safe on the roads.